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Engaging seniors to use ICT

“Use IT and Enjoy”. This is a high-sounding name of the project that has been just accomplished by partners’ consortium from Lithuania, Denmark and Sweden.

By NordPlus Adult funded project it was seeking to explore the methodologies of non-formal education organizations used for motivating elderly to use ICT. Proficient organizations have been chosen for project consortium – „Aeldremobiliseringen“ seniors association from Denmark and Pensioners‘ association PRO from Sweden as well as Langas į ateitį from Lithuania to run the Project.

Next to desk researches “Use IT and Enjoy” project activities were enriched by four partners meetings in consortium countries. Each organization made rest of project team familiar with own activities and methods. All partners organized meetings with key people in ICT trainings area as well as policy makers in each country.

“Implementing this project we were going deep not only into the ICT courses in the ICT centers and libraries, we also were analyzing states’ policy differences and impact on information society development, existing information systems usability, etc. We compared the amount of attention being paid for this topic in partner countries.” – tells project coordinator Karolina Jasvinaite.

Two years collaboration is summarized in best practice package “Engaging seniors to use ICT”. This publication includes elements that lead to the more effective engagement of elderly to use ICT.



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