All have the right to IT

– It’s important for the society and it’s important to the individual


Telecentre danmark is a Danish non-for-profit organization (NGO) and a member based association with a central office in Copenhagen, Denmark.


We represent publicly and private funded telecentres/telecentre networks, ICT learning centres, adult education centres and where young and adults can access the Internet, learn the latest digital skills and keep up to date with technology and community developments.


Our main mission is teaching of e-skills for senior citizens over 60 years. - A society for all.

ICT centres are open for all over 60 years old and all tuition is free.

The ICT centres are attracting especial the volunable elderly citizens


We coordinate a number of projects, programs and campaigns that empower people through ICT by finding new paths to employment, community life, relevant information and staying in touch with friends and family. All our members and partners believe that Information and Communication technology has an enormous potential to combat social exclusion and poverty.


In today’s knowledge based society digital technologies represent a gateway to economic and social development. Although more than 75% in Denmark are internet users, many others are still missing out: the elderly, the poor and those living in rural areas. Moreover, even those that are connected often do not know what opportunities exist in the digital sphere in terms of employment, but also personal and professional development and an improved communication with others, in their own community and beyond.


We collaborate with approx. 70 ICT centres in Denmark dedicated for the senior citizens –

approx. 1200 volunteer instructors (all over 60 years)

approx. 6000 students annually (all over 60 years)


We provides teaching programs for the instructors/students -

We provides teaching courses for the instructors –train the trainer –


Telecentre danmark are participating in various IT projects, both national and European.


We have more than 15 years’ experience in setting up ICT centres for elderly citizens and special tuition for valuable citizens.

Telecentre danmark conducts various IT surveys and analysts among the elder population.

We are a member of Telecentre Europe and have for the past two years served as a member on the TE board.

Telecentre danmark have widened it target to also include IT for younger people.

Telecentre danmark are partnered with various NGO organizations in Denmark and in Europe and companies’ e.g. Microsoft.




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